Scrum Poker Showdown


How To Play:

Each player is given a suit of scrum poker cards (0, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, infinity, question mark, coffee).

Each player should shuffle their cards and draw one card, keeping it face down. After all players have drawn a card, players should hold their card outward so that all other players can see the card. PLAYERS SHOULD NEVER LOOK AT THEIR OWN CARD. Moving forward, this card will be referred to as a player's secret card.

Choose a first player randomly.

Player Turn -

The active player (AP) should reveal the top two cards of their deck. The AP must play in front of players using the following placement rules:

1. One of the cards must be played in front of a player whose secret card has a greater numerical value. The other card must be played in front of a player whose secret card has a lesser numerical value.

2. The question mark card gets played in front of the AP.

3. The coffee card can be played to any player except the AP.

4. You can never play a card to someone who already has a card of that value.

5. You can never play both cards to the same player.


The AP can claim they have no legal plays. Any cards that could not be played are removed from the game. However, if any player can show there was a legal play, the AP is eliminated.

If the AP ever makes an illegal play, the AP is eliminated and the player who called out the illegal play becomes the new AP.

If the AP reveals the final two cards of their deck, they are eliminated from the round.

After both cards have been played (or there are no legal plays), any player may claim they know the identity of their secret card.

Before that player reveals their guess, if that player has a question mark in front of them, any other player who believes their secret card is a question mark may make that claim.

Claims take place one at a time.

If a claim is correct, that player wins the round and no further claims can be made. If a claim is incorrect, that player is eliminated and the round continues.

After the AP completes their turn, the next player in clockwise order becomes the AP. Play continues until a player makes a correct claim or only one player has not been eliminated.


What you will need:

Scrum Poker Deck


How To Win:

Be the first player to correctly guess their secret card.


Be the only player remaining in the round.